Halloween at the Tivoli is always a festive occasion.

6350 Delmar Blvd.

The Tivoli is a movie theatre with a lot of history located on the Delmar Loop. The old-timey marquee and signage out front fit perfectly with the interior, where the walls are adorned with framed movie posters from past generations of films. In contrast to theaters like the Chase Park or Galleria, the Tivoli tends to avoid blockbusters in favor of Indie/art house/foreign/etc. films like the criminally underrated Spring Breakers. Like some other theatres in the area, the Tivoli does some midnight screenings of cult classics throughout the year, including the ever-popular Rocky Horror Picture Show on Halloween night and The Room at sporadic intervals. (All in all, the Tivoli offers a pretty diverse slate of movies, it’s located near plenty of food options, it’s accessible by MetroLink (two stops away from the CWE), and there’s plenty of seating for you and your fellow film buffs.

— Jeffery M., M1