3821 Lindell Blvd.

The Moolah Theatre is about 1.7 miles east and north of the medical campus. The building itself, restored in 2004-05, is a former Shriners Temple with a distinct, vibrant color scheme inside and out. The Theatre only has one screen, so it usually carries a popular current movie for a few weeks at a time. The bar (!) next to the concession stand offers themed cocktails inspired by the current film that you can sip on while sitting on comfy couches that serve as the most popular seats in the house. (The couches fill up quickly, so arrive early if you don’t want to be consigned to standard theater-style seating in the back.) Additionally, there is a small side room with free, weekly live screenings of popular TV shows for those without cable (like me!) who still need their Mad Men (or Cardinals playoff baseball) fix. Finally, beyond its regular slate, the Moolah occasionally puts on discounted midnight shows of “classic” or seasonally-appropriate movies (The Big Lebowski, Fight Club, Christmas Vacation, etc.). It’s fun, it’s close, it has a good vibe, and it generally shows good movies. What’s not to like?

— Jeffery M., M1