6161 Delmar Blvd.

The Pageant is the perfect mid-sized venue for any artist of any genre. Having been there five weekends out of the last eight weeks, I’m not lying when I say a show at the Pageant is always a good time. Feel like rocking out and getting mad sweaty? Then the mosh pit is for you. Say you want a slightly mellower experience, then there is a fully stocked bar in the 21+ Mezzanine area, where you can still get close to the artist and not feel like you’re on the verge of being trampled. Also, the Pageant hosts a wide variety of musicians from EDM gods like Steve Aoki and Zedd to budding hip hop artist Chance the Rapper and every hipster band in between! Long story short, tickets are for the most part reasonably priced, and the show is always more intimate than any kind of sold-out arena performance, so definitely check it out (Who knows, Nelly might pop out for a surprise performance!)

— Harleen G., M1