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So at some point you might think to yourself, “Self, if I’m in school and studying most of the time, will I do too much more than hang out with people (and go to the occasional party)?” Well, while hanging out is a critical component of good well-being, we find ourselves going to the occasional intellectual spot to unwind. One great program for that at Wash U is Science on Tap. Science on Tap usually happens on the last Wednesday of month, bringing in a faculty member from the Danforth campus to talk about a topic related to (or not so related to) that member’s research. It is hosted at the local restaurant/ bar/brewery Schafly Bottleworks in a large conference room with its own bar and wait staff. (Note: food and drinks are not free.) In the past, Science on Tap has featured great faculty like Dr. Glenn Conroy (anthropology/anatomy & neurobiology and our anatomy professor!) talking about human evolution, Dr. Jeffery Gill (political science) explaining how statistical modeling is used to fight terrorism, and Dr. Rob Dymek (earth and planetary sciences) giving a visual tour of the formation of Yellowstone National Park. Talk about a place to get a beer and relax!

— Drew S., M1