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Thurtene Carnival is an annual carnival held on an April weekend and is organized by undergraduate students at Washington University. Thurtene Carnival, which has been held since 1908, is the oldest and largest student run carnival in the U.S. and typically attracts over 80,000 people from the surrounding community. Attractions at the Carnival include many amusement rides, game booths, and booths selling food run by various student organizations including a deep fry station selling the standard carnival fare of burgers, fried Oreos, and corndogs. Arguably the main attraction at Thurtene Carnival is the numerous multi-story facades built by the fraternities and sororities at Wash U. In the past, these often two-story facades, which can take months to build, have included an enormous 50-foot pirate ship, a gas station, a studio lot, a train station, a house of cards, and a haunted house. In addition to the facades, each Greek team produces a full theatrical production that is acted out several times per day. The carnival is held during Wash U’s alumni weekend and the proceeds go to charity. This work of hundreds of Wash U students is definitely a must-see. Admission is free.

Dates: Early April; Website: thurtene.org for details.

— James K., M1