Food Trucks

Price: $-$$
If you’re looking for some diversity in your lunch menu and you don’t feel like leaving campus, you’re in luck. St. Louis has tons of food trucks that will bring the restaurants right to you, many of which are found on weekdays on Scott Avenue in front of Olin. Every day brings a different selection of food trucks to choose from (vegan and meat options aplenty). They make your food right in front of you, so it’s always fresh, and they even accept credit cards. Some of my personal favorites include Seoul Taco (Korean/Mexican fusion), Guerilla (Filipino), and Baked & Loaded (potato wraps).

— Kevin L., M1

Shell Café and St. Louis Children’s Hospital

In a hurry? Grab a quick bite from Shell Cafe.

Price: $-$$
Shell Café is where you went for breakfast as an applicant, and where you will continue to go for lunch when you forget that there isn’t a lunch talk. For lunch, they have a grill, a salad bar, and a rotating restaurant station, where places like Panda Express, Moe’s Southwest Grill, and Wasabi Sushi Bar offer food on different days of the week. St. Louis Children’s Hospital also has a cafeteria which is accessible by skywalk if it’s too cold (or too hot). There’s a 30 percent discount after 4 p.m., making turkey burgers a little over $2 at dinnertime. I personally go for their salads because they have a cool deal where you get a free fruit/vegetable side after nine purchases if at least 50 percent of those meals are fruits or vegetables. I may also grab a frozen yogurt shake (with Oreo!) if I make it before the smoothie and shake station closes. The Children’s cafeteria closes at midnight, so between Shell and Children’s, all of your meals can be covered on-campus from breakfast to midnight snack.

— Debra Y., M1