34 N. Central Ave.
Price: $$-$$$

So, the first thing you need to know about Barcelona is that it is a tapas restaurant. A “tapa” is a small plate or appetizer, so any single thing you order is not going to be a lot of food. And if you’re like me and like a lot of food, you may be thrown off a bit. Barcelona is not a place for a big meal for dinner, but it’s an excellent place to go with friends. The fun thing about Barcelona is that each person can order a tapa or two (usually run from $4-8) and then share with everyone else. It’s a great way to try new foods while socializing. So give Barcelona a try. Located in Clayton, it’s only a quick drive away.

— Abiye I., M1

Everest Café

4145 Manchester Ave.
Price: $$

Does opening a restaurant that serves Nepalese, Indian, and Korean food sound like a good idea to you? Well, it worked magnificently for this restaurant in the Grove (though I have to admit, the Korean bit is still a little random). Try Everest at lunch, when they have a $9 lunch buffet (normally $10, but students get a 10 percent discount). It’s the best bargain in town, but be warned: You may leave with a distended belly from all the tasty food you will unwittingly end up stuffing in your face! You can grab endless plates of rice smothered in different sauces, meats, and vegetables. (Disclaimer: I don’t remember what I ate, just that it was all delicious). Everest also has naan, soup, and Nepalese/Indian dessert pudding on the side. It takes 20 minutes to walk here from campus, so I recommend catching a ride or biking here. Save this place for when you’re hungry!

— Debra Y., M1

Priyaa Indian Restaurant

1910 Mckelvey Rd.
Price: $$

The only criticism of Priyaa Indian Restaurant is that it is a 15-minute drive out to the county. Priyaa offers the standard a la carte and buffet options, but provides both North and South Indian food. It features large curry dishes that you can either order alone or as part of a thali (dinner platter), several different kinds of dosas (savory curry crepes), and numerous variants on the standard samosa and pakora appetizer options, as well as additional entrees (Gobi Manchurian, Chicken 65). More importantly, while the price is a little higher, the hungriest person will definitely have enough food left over to take home and, based on a recent survey of people who went there, more than half had enough food for one ENTIRE extra meal! If you have a car and want some good-quality Indian food, check it out.

— Drew S., M1

La Vallesana

2801 Cherokee St.
Price: $

When you need a short break from studying anatomy and you’re craving a taste from south of the border, look no further than Cherokee street, a 15-minute drive from campus. Here you’ll find a number of Mexican restaurants including the excellent La Vallesana. Whether you are in the mood for a delicious torta (a type of sandwich) or some street tacos, you can choose your favorite meat: carne asada, carnitas, pastor, or lengua! The Fajitas al Sombrero are fant.stico, consisting of saut.ed bell peppers, poblanos, onions and tomatoes, all smothered (seriously, smothered!) in queso with your choice of meat. Alongside some rice, beans, and tortillas, you are looking at one good meal that almost makes me forget that I’m not in Southern California. There is also a full-service ice cream bar with fresh and fruity flavors you won’t find anywhere else. The wait staff here is incredibly friendly and helpful, and I will definitely be returning in the near future. One more thing: You must order a large horchata when here. It’s both affordable and large enough to share.

— Ama M., M1