Corner 17

While you may not know what fluffy ice is, you can trust that it’s delicious.

6623 Delmar Blvd.
Price: $

Do you miss bubble tea from your hometown? Or do you have no idea what bubble tea is? Either way, get your butt here and enjoy hand-pulled noodles and fluffy shaved ice while you’re at it. Since Corner 17 opened on the Loop in the summer of 2013, the restaurant has stolen countless customers away from the long-standing domination of St. Louis Bubble Tea. Sip on bubble tea in sophisticated glasses (I recommend the original with green tea) while you slurp away at the best soup noodles on this side of the city. You can even watch the noodles being made by a woman whose arms never seem to tire. All in all, Corner 17 is a welcome addition to the Loop and St. Louis in general.

— Debra Y., M1


A trip to Fitz’s isn’t complete without one of their famous floats.

6605 Delmar Blvd.
Price: $$

St. Louis has a number of classic relics from its long and proud history, and Fitz’s Root Beer stands among them as a locally-made, delectable drink for those steamy summer days. Fitz’s does not just occupy grocery shelves; the restaurant also offers reasonably-priced, American-style cuisine and a perennial St. Louis favorite, floats made with its famed root beer (or other homemade soda flavors). The menu contains an entire page dedicated to the different floats made at Fitz’s. If the float is too large for you, you can instead enjoy your burger, chicken wrap or fish n’ chips with unlimited root beer. All in all, Fitz’s is an American restaurant that will never get old.

— Francis W., M1

Pi Pizza

6144 Delmar Blvd.
Price: $$-$$$

President Obama once called Pi Pizza his favorite pizza. Political connections aside, Pi Pizza is an upscale pizza place with cozy indoor and outdoor dining. Affable servers and a few friends can help you pass the time waiting for your delicious deep-dish pizza. The serving sizes could be larger, but this just saves your stomach for dessert. My favorite is their deep-dish apple pie. Pi is a place to show off what St. Louis has to offer.

— Jerry F., M1


6301 Delmar Blvd.
Price: $-$$

When was the last time you were eating a sandwich and thought to yourself, “There isn’t enough prime rib in this thing?” If you answered, “Yesterday, and every other time I’ve eaten a sandwich,” then you’ve probably never been to Snarf’s. This Loop-located sandwich shop makes everything from the simple classics (ham and cheese, French dip) to more indulgent creations (the aforementioned prime rib, New York steak), with additions both sweet (excellent milkshakes) and salty (Cajun dill potato chips – try them!!). So the next time you’re trying to brainstorm the most efficient way to deliver a delicious bite of smoked brisket, the answer lies between two slices of toasted bread at your local Snarf’s.

— Mike Y., M1

 Thai Country Café

6223 Delmar Blvd.
Price: $-$$

A local entrepreneur decided it would be awesome to open four Thai restaurants: Thai Café, Thai Country Café, Thai Gaiyang Café and Thai Pizza, all virtually side-by-side in the heart of the Delmar Loop. I can’t really say why; maybe he likes to compete with himself. Regardless, the Thai food here is quite abundant. Each restaurant’s menu, while sharing some similarities, offers enough regional diversity that it is worth branching out to all the different restaurants. For example, Thai Country Café, has an extremely tasty country-style fried beef appetizer not seen at any other restaurant. Speaking of unique: Thai Pizza serves — you guessed it — Thai-styled Italian pies, providing treats such as chicken satay pizza with Thai peanut sauce and pad thai pizza. It really comes down to personal preference among these restaurants when deciding where to eat.

— Francis W., M1