Library Annex

The “sharing is caring” rule also applies to drinks.

3693 Forest Park Ave.

Simply put, The Library Annex is a magical place. By day, it is a restaurant that apparently has good food and a unique theme of tables next to bookshelves so that it feels like you are in a library. But seeing as how I’ve never been there in the day, I can’t comment on the food there. During the night, The Library is the place to be. It is probably the closest thing you are going to get to a club in the area, with a very sizable dance floor and a stage up in the front for those of you who are either talented or full of alcohol-flavored liquid confidence. The music there is always on point, with the top hits of the day as well as the occasional old classics. In the back, there are beer pong tables and pool tables if dancing isn’t your thing and you just want to have a chill night. But when I think of Library, I think of one thing…. Billy Buckets. What is a Billy Bucket? You just have to go to the Library and find out, or ask me or one of the many other people in our class who love the Library.

— Abiye I., M1