Cardinals Baseball

Students turn out to support St.Louis’s favorite sports team.

MetroLink: Stadium stop

Cardinals baseball is the epitome of St. Louis. If you’re looking for a team that is going to compete for a World Series title every year, you should cheer for the Cardinals. The games are a blast and only a short, free metro ride away from campus. Plus, they are really affordable — you can get $5 tickets for a weeknight game! We were lucky enough to have the Birds make it all the way to the World Series this year, which was fun because we not only got together to watch the games on TV, but we even got groups together to go to some of the games in person (including the World Series)! Plus, in the 4+ years you’ll be in St. Louis, you’ll have a great chance of seeing a World Series victory parade, which is something you won’t get in Chicago, Cincinnati, etc. So, get your Molina/Wainwright/Craig jerseys and T-shirts ready, because you’ll be wearing them a lot around St. Louis — especially in October. LET’S GO CARDS!

— Taylor G., M1

Blues Hockey

MetroLink: Civic Center stop

In a town dominated by Cardinals baseball, Blues hockey games often don’t get enough attention. Especially during seasons when they are not performing well, good tickets are often very cheap and, like Cardinals games, the Blues arena is also located right next to a MetroLink station. Despite having a capacity of ~20,000 seats, there are no bad seats at the Scottrade Center. Because of this, Blues games offer the best in-person experience compared to other sporting events in St. Louis. The Blues have also been performing extremely well in the past few years and even made the playoffs during the 2011-2012 season. Our chances of going to the playoffs again this year are looking very good as well and many Blues fans are getting very excited. The St. Louis Blues have a very loyal fan base and have many traditions, one of which is that, after every score, the “Towel Man” will chant up to the number of goals that have been scored and throw a Blues towel into the crowd. Even though I come from a town without a hockey team, I found the Blues games to be extremely fun and easily accessible. So, hockey fans, take a trip down to Scottrade and enjoy one of the best sports experiences in town.

— James K., M1

Rams Football

Everyone knows that tailgating is the best part of Rams games.

MetroLink: Convention Center stop

Though it’s been a while since the Rams have experienced consistent success, they’re still important for all of you M1s, football fans or not. Why, you might ask? Three words: cheap NFL tickets. Yes, the Cardinals are the go-to team in St. Louis, but that means tickets for decent seats at Rams games can be found for $20 on StubHub or Groupon. So you can watch one of the better defenses in the NFL face off against teams like the 49ers, Seahawks, Cowboys, and Broncos (all of whom will be coming to town in the 2014 season) for the price of a decent bottle of wine. I’d take that deal any day. And even though the Cardinals rule the roost, there are plenty of very knowledgeable Rams fans all around. You can walk into any sports bar in St. Louis on any given night and have an intelligent discussion with a long-suffering Rams fan about their upcoming match-up or Sam Bradford’s ACL. All in all, the Rams’ prospects certainly are looking up and St. Louis really is an underrated football city. So go check out a game. You won’t regret it!

— Chetan V., M1