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I love the Saint Louis Zoo. For those of you unfamiliar with St. Louis, the zoo is located in Forest Park, meaning that it is free (always a plus for medical students on a budget) and fairly close to the medical campus (about two miles by foot or car). Finding a parking spot near the entrance can be tricky on the weekends, but attendance tends to wane a bit as the weather cools off. The park itself offers a pretty good variety of critters. Though the popular penguin exhibit is closed for remodeling until 2015, there’s still plenty to be seen indoors and out, from apes and big cats to tiny reptiles and the peacocks that seem to have been given free rein of the park. At their best, I think zoos should function to educate, entertain, and celebrate biodiversity and I would posit that the Saint Louis Zoo achieves these goals. So the next time you have a free afternoon on a lovely day, consider grabbing a friend or three and visiting the Saint Louis Zoo. It’s worth your time.

— Jeffery M., M1