Fans of both roller coasters and carousels can enjoy a trip to Six Flags.

4900 Six Flags St. Louis Railroad, Eureka, MO

Six Flags St. Louis is a great way to spend a weekend and have some fun outdoors! It usually isn’t packed; lines are pretty short (30-40 minutes max, except on their busiest days). It isn’t as big as Cedar Point or Six Flags Chicago (Great America), but they’ve added at least one new attraction each year for as long as I’ve been going (the past 10 years or so), so there’s great variety. They put on some nice special events too, like Fright Fest on Halloween and various concerts throughout the season. The water park, Hurricane Harbor, is awesome for hot days, too. If you’re planning to go more than once in a season, go with the season pass to save quite a bit of money and get some nice coupons too, like free admission for a guest. Whether you like the thrill of roller coasters or prefer something a little tamer, you’ll have fun at Six Flags!

— Shari B., M1