The Arch is a must see during your time in St. Louis.

MetroLink: Laclede’s Landing stop

I feel honored to have the monumental task of writing about the one and the only Jefferson Expansion Memorial (Gateway Arch), the most iconic part of the magnificent St. Louis. If you ask other med students, they will probably say the Arch is cool but “overrated,” but that is sheer madness! During the white coat ceremony, my family stayed across the street from the Arch and we crowded around the window at night like explorers stumbling across a rare treasure as we gazed out at the 630-foot-tall steel beauty. We also hopped on a carriage at night (drawn by a horse called Jedi, no less) and slowly cantered down the street towards the Gateway to the West to cap off the night. Even if you don’t develop an emotional attachment to the structure as I have, the Arch has a lot to offer. The ride to the top is an unusually harrowing experience that you can tell your friends back home about, and, once you reach your destination, you can enjoy the spectacular view while boosting that history knowledge. Finally, the grounds around the Arch are perfect for relaxation or a day in the sun!

— Jordan J., M1