Note: All area codes are 314. From a University telephone, University numbers may be dialed by omitting the first two digits (e.g., 2-5000, 5-5000).

Medical Campus Main Switchboard362-5000
Danforth Campus Main Switchboard935-5000
American Messenger888-247-7890
Athletic Facilities Information Desk (Danforth Campus)935-4619
Barnes-Jewish Hospital (North and South)747-3000
Computer Support362-7798
Dean Awad/Medical Student Education362-7122
Dean Chung/Student Research362-6857
Dean Diemer/Career Counseling362-6251
Dean Monolo/Registrar362-6848
Dean Moscoso/Student Affairs362-6843
Dean O’Neal/Financial Aid362-6845
Dean Ratts/Admissions Office362-6844
Dean Ross/Diversity Programs362-6854
Dean Stevenson/Diversity 362-6854362-6854
Dean Whelan/Education362-7800
Olin (Danforth Campus)935-5420
Bernard Becker (Medical Campus)362-7080
Olin Hall362-3230
Room 100362-6848
St. Louis Children’s Hospital454-6000
Security Escort362-HELP
Shuttle Bus Information (Danforth Campus)935-4140
Student Health Services (Dr. Winters)362-3523
Student Programs (Andy Wiegert)362-8541
Transportation Services (Medical Campus)362-6824