In Histology, even the cells are happy to see you!

Course master: Paul Bridgman, PhD (bridgmap@pcg.wustl.edu)

Blocks: 1-2

Teaching style: Lecture, microscope lab with partner

Grading: Three exams, each with separate multiple-choice and cell identification components, lab attendance

Passing: 70%

Histology will make you feel like you’ve suddenly been thrown into a pink and purple-dotted landscape full of fuzzy blobs that are impossible to tell apart. Luckily, after the first week, other classes (read, ANATOMY) pick up their pace while Histo slows down. The class is pretty straightforward in terms of what you need to study and the TAs try to make the labs clinically relevant. Within a few short months, all of those purple ovals with pink granules will seem like old friends and you’ll be thinking you were silly to ever confuse mast cells with eosinophils. Keep up from the beginning and look at lots and lots of slides. Hey, you might never know when the exact same slide you were looking at will be on an exam.

— Ethan T., M1