The only thing scarier than MRSA? These folks.

Course masters: Henry Huang, PhD (huang@borcim.wustl.edu), and Scott Hultgren, PhD (hultgren@borcim.wustl.edu)

Block: 2

Teaching style: Lecture

Grading: Three quizzes (15%), team project (15%), final exam (70%)

Passing: 65%

Who do you choose to beat Jigglypuff? The answer is just one of the many things you’ll learn first year! Microbes is one of the first-year classes where you actually learn about disease, which makes it one of the most fun! The course details the major bacteria, viruses, and fungi you will see in the hospital, and those that are the most interesting (or horrifying)! The best parts are the professors and their teaching methods, like comparing pathogens to Pok.mon! They are excited about teaching and know what will be useful for you to know, even if you aren’t interested in infectious diseases. The structure includes lectures on key pathogens/clinical vignettes and three quizzes based on bugs specified beforehand. No one loves bugs, but that doesn’t stop the professors from making it a great class!

— Celina J., M2