Studying hard for neural sciences.

Course master: David Van Essen, PhD (

Block: 3

Teaching style: Lecture, small groups and labs

Grading: Two exams with multiple choice, short answer and lab practical portions (50% each)

Passing: 70%

When you return from Spring Break, the days are getting longer; luckily, your classes are not. “Neuro Block,” the last block of the year, is Neuro all morning — plus a little POM in the afternoon. Neuro Block mixes lectures with small groups (which can be pretty helpful!), and even time back in the anatomy lab. Your brain can kick back and just focus on one thing — the brain! However, this may not be easy as the beautiful STL spring beckons you outside. At that point, turn to a Neuro student’s best friend — Rob. Rob is a former Neuro TA who left “Rob’s Roundups,” the most beautiful course outlines you’ve ever seen. So kick back, enjoy the sun, and turn to Rob for help dissecting through nerves and tracing neurological tracts.

— Erin S., M2