Congratulations! You survived Step I. You made it to what will be one of the most unforgettable, challenging, and rewarding years of your life. While anxiety is inevitable, the feeling will be replaced by a desire to work hard to take care of your patients. You will be faced with constant change every two to four weeks: new teams, patients, and expectations. You will be pushed to some of your physical, mental, and emotional limits. However, the amount of information you will master, and the unbelievable gift of caring for patients at their most vulnerable time will make all your effort worthwhile. This year is what practicing medicine is all about. Never again will you have the opportunity to view so many aspects of medicine free from the terror of harming patients with incorrect management decisions, all while surrounded by a supportive medical team. This is an exceptional gift, and I challenge you to take full advantage of it! You’ll be amazed when you look back at how much you’ve learned. As the year progresses, you’ll find yourself not only far wiser and better at balancing your time, but much more comfortable interacting with patients and carrying out procedures. You’ll make Dr. Wren and Dr. Polites proud.

— Phillip P., M4