Two med students prepare to testify in favor of reproductive access.

Medical Students for Choice (MSFC) aims to educate future physicians about family planning, with a focus on abortion. We are part of a national organization aimed at “creating tomorrow’s abortion providers and pro-choice physicians.” We feel that people should have children if, and when, they are ready, and that safe and legal abortion is a necessary last stop for family planning. Our events include talks on abortion, being a pro-choice physician, and international abortion care. We hold a values clarification workshop and a hands-on workshop on tubal ligation and vasectomy. This year, we’re cosponsoring a screening of the documentary “After Tiller,” which follows the four remaining late-term providers in the U.S. Many members also volunteer as escorts at the local abortion clinics, helping women handle the stress of passing crowds of protestors. Abortion can be polarizing and people don’t like to talk about it, but in order to provide patients the best care and to develop well-informed opinions, it is essential that we do.

— Brianna F., M2