Study Carrels

Three med students hard at work in the carrels

Your home away from home. If you want to be surrounded by dozens of classmates while studying, you won’t find a better place. Who needs the quiet of the library when you can share your love of histology with friends in the carrels? But there is privacy if you want it too! Sleep. Study. Eat. What else do you need? Settlers of Catan? Chances are there’s a thrilling game in the next room. Hungry? There’s food from a lunch talk, or use the kitchen! There’s also space at your desk to keep snacks and books. And if you’re lucky, you’ll land in the executive suite. We have crazy golf. Just don’t set off the alarm when you come in at 2 a.m. or everyone in the carrels will come after you.

— Michael R., M1

Hospital Conferences and Grand Rounds

Make sure to take advantage of all the free food during med school!

Well, it’s not exactly free, but in exchange for attending these lectures, many rotations will feed you very well. The talks often cover hot topics (you have no idea how useful knowing about NMDA receptor encephalitis was). Every so often, they also bring in a world-renowned speaker (one who doesn’t already work here). These are my favorites because you get to watch your attendings fight over who gets to ask questions. Grand Rounds are open to first-and second-years (I especially recommend the “clinical pathological conferences”), but it’s especially a nice break before rounds for third-years, so I don’t think I’ve missed one yet. As a busy third year, that’s the highest endorsement I can give.

— Sean B., M3

McDonnell Medical Sciences Building
Room 100

If you are like me and the amount of coffee you’ve had on a given morning dictates your mood and overall outlook on life, then you need to get to know Room 100. Not only does Room 100 house the offices of admissions, student affairs, and the registrar, but it also supplies you with your most important tool for success: free coffee (until 5 p.m.)! For the non-addicts, they also have free tea and candy. It’s perfect for the short breaks between classes. This is also where you go to do things like pick up medical equipment, pay for events like the float trip, and meet with Dean Chung about summer research. Truly, Room 100 is a place where dreams come true. Whatever your errand, don’t forget to say hi to our receptionist, Stephanie!

— Laura B., M1


If you’re like me and lived in a library in undergrad (stop judging), you will love the Becker Medical Library. Becker has a huge, open floor plan and spans eight floors. This includes the basement floor with vending machines and free hot water for coffee and ramen needs and the seventh floor with rare books, archives, and a beautiful view. Computers and printers are located on the first floor, along with large group tables and individual carrels that are available for studying purposes. The second floor even includes a small reading area with cozy sofas, lamps, and the occasional napper. Much of the furniture is updated and relatively new, so tables include ample electrical outlets and chairs are sturdy yet comfortable, with no rickety, smelly, wooden chairs. You get access to tons of journals and catalogs on the library website and you can renew books up to three times without overdue fines. You can also check out books from the Olin Library on the Danforth campus, not to mention access Olin Library’s coveted graduate-student-only study rooms with your ID. While Becker is open until midnight Sundays to Thursdays, Olin Library is open 24 hours AND has an attached caf.. Now you really can’t beat that.

— Debra Y., M1

Danforth Campus

As a non-Wash U undergrad alum, I’ve enjoyed exploring the Danforth Campus. It is a short drive, MetroLink ride, or even bike ride across Forest Park. At Danforth, I’ve played IM sports, participated in Dance Marathon, listened to terrific speakers and conferences (of which Wash U is never in short supply), and otherwise enjoyed the beautiful stone buildings and landscaping of the campus. For those who want to feel part of the University as a whole, Danforth is definitely a great destination.

— Colton G., M1