Not sure what you need to know for that MFM lecture? Wish you had a good review PowerPoint more than three days before that anatomy exam? WUMSWeb is the perfect website for you. Consisting entirely of studentuploaded content from years-prior and off-limits to faculty, WUMSWeb is the great repository of knowledge to help you get through medical school. There are tons of old exam questions and reviews as well as lists of important terms and structures. Accessible via MedPortal, WUMSWeb is easy to use and will probably become your new best friend.

— Ethan T., M1

Computer, Internet, and Printer Access

Sometimes friends can be the best tech support.

There are at least three different WiFi networks everywhere on campus, including in the hospital. So no fear, you’ll never be far from Facebook! Rumor has it there’s a computer lab on the sixth floor of the Farrell Learning and Teaching Center, but I can’t say I’ve ever used it. There are printers in the study carrels that are easy to use, but with coursepacks dropped off in your mailbox every block, it’s not often we need to print anything. Tech support is great, too! The university is willing and able to fix any problem you can throw at them. For instance, I once requested podcasted lectures, and before long, they were available for me and all students!

— Sean B., M3

Wash U Email

You will receive more emails in medical school than you ever have in the past. Thus, you should know the email service (and check your email daily). The WUSM email is on Outlook, which you can access via website or smartphone. It’s a change from Gmail, but it is a professional program, so there are many useful features, like adding oneself to a listserv or finding the email address of a student or physician. However, since WUSM emails may include protected health information, you need some security, so you can only get smartphone or non-website laptop access if your device is encrypted. Luckily, this is relatively easy and IT can help.

— Jessica H., M1


Between the email account, schedule of classes, and WUMSWeb, I was overwhelmed by the number of websites we have. Luckily, MedPortal is the first stop for all of them! MedPortal contains your daily personalized to-do list as well as links to your class calendar, video recordings, lecture PowerPoints, and WUMSWeb. When a professor posts something, MedPortal is the place to find it. Every class (except MFM) uses MedPortal for lectures and handouts, so this will no doubt be your most-visited website at Wash U.

— Dan W., M1