As the course master for the Practice of Medicine (POM) I and III courses, I will get to know each of you very well. I will see you arrive both excited and nervous and watch you start down the long road to becoming a physician. In POM I you will learn, among other things, the art of the history and physical exam. And while it will seem overwhelming and awkward at first, it will all eventually come together. If I were to give you any advice, I would simply say to trust your professors and each other. We are all in this together! Your professors are here to help you excel. And your classmates are here to help you as well. They will become lifelong friends, and you will learn as much from them as you do from anyone. So get excited! You’ve made it! All of your hard work has prepared you for what will become one of the most challenging yet memorable times in your lives. And as with other classes, I will take pleasure in watching each of you over the next four years mature into what you will become — a confident, competent, and compassionate physician. Welcome aboard!

Greg Polites, MD
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine in Medicine
Course master, Practice of Medicine (POM) I and III