There are plenty of opportunities to express your artistic side at WUSM.

Just before I started my first year here, I felt a little apprehensive. Being a double major in History and German, I worried that once courses commenced, I’d find myself at an academic disadvantage compared to all of the “hard science” types in the class. When I walked into Moore Auditorium on that first day though, rather than feeling behind, I instead felt motivated. Frankly, my peers had some awesome scientific achievements under their belts, usually more impressive than my own. But I decided that was actually a good thing for me. Here’s why your background may end up being a good thing for you too: If your non-science major really helped you to learn what you hoped it would, namely to think hard and critically about problems of all kinds, then you will do just fine in classes here. Believe it or not, your professors at WUSM will teach you everything you need to know to succeed. Second, you are less likely to come in overconfident about basic science (think memorizing the amino acids), which we all must relearn in detail whether we like it or not. Finally, every now and then, you’ll feel special for knowing something random that falls into your wheelhouse. And that’s always fun.

— Kevin C., M1