Single and loving it

Being a single man in med school is all glory, and there’s nothing to hold you back. Say you want to grow a mustache: you can do it without anybody nagging you about looking like a creep. Say exam week just finished: you can sip scotch at 9 a.m. then go eat a whole pig at Pappy’s, or go home and listen to everything your partner has been waiting two weeks to tell you while you’ve been studying. #FOMO much? You’ll be so busy with schoolwork and meeting your new, awesome med school family members that if you’re also trying to keep up with a significant other, one or the other is going to suffer. Why not just enjoy the process? Plus, think of all the beautiful people in your medical school class. And more importantly, think of all of their single friends from undergrad who will inevitably come to visit; they’re all going to be fighting to make a decent man out of you once you get those letters “MD,” so why waste the letters P/F sitting home watching movies and going to bed with your socks on?

— Giuseppe D., M1