I worked for three years in finance, then spent a couple years taking postbaccalaureate classes and applying to medical school, so I am a few years older than the standard medical student. My additional years have not hampered me in any way thus far. While I sadly have not retained my ability to stay out all night and then actually be a productive person the next day, I like to think I have gained valuable wisdom and knowledge. So there are nights when I have to realize my limitations and force myself to remain on the couch, doing something sensible like watching TV instead of going out for the third night in a row. But I can also pass along useful tidbits to my younger peers, stuff I wish someone would have told me at 22. For instance, ice, lemons, and limes improve mixed drinks by leaps and bounds and they are cheap to procure! Eating vegetables and fruit is actually pretty important. So is sleep. Don’t buy shoes that are uncomfortable. And don’t stress out about the small things. (Okay, I’m still working on that one, too.)

— Frances C., M1