Students get ready for the annual Lunar New Year Festival.

True, there’s no Chinatown in St Louis. But wait! There is a “Chinese street” called Olive Boulevard with Asian supermarkets, bakeries, and restaurants dotted on both sides. And if you are adventurous, there are also a number of hot pot places, Mongolian Grills, and Chinese buffets out in the suburbs (see the Dis-O Guide section on Food). Having spent half of my life in Taiwan and with both parents still living there, I am, alas, very critical when it comes to Chinese/Japanese food in the U.S. But perhaps because of the overwhelming number of Chinese students in the class (more than 30 percent), I never feel a lack of opportunity to express my Asian-ness and to taste homemade Asian goods from friends. True, in St. Louis you can’t get authentic Taiwanese bubble tea or fresh sushi without bleeding money. But you also can’t find more awesome Chinese medical students anywhere else!

— Vivian C., M1