I grew up in Connecticut, went to undergrad in New York City, and had never been west or south of Pennsylvania until med school interviews, so I’m pretty partial to the East Coast and New England. But let’s look at some comparisons between there, and here: (1) Pizza in St. Louis sucks. Don’t let anybody convince you “deep dish” pizza is pizza; it’s not. (2) St. Louis is ridiculously hot in summer, and damn cold in the winter. BUT, it’s not nearly as humid as the summers I’ve lived through at home. (3) Traffic in St. Louis is all but nonexistent. Getting a red light is bound to add as much time to your trip as rush hour will. Plus, there’s no road rage anywhere! (4) BBQ is real BBQ here. (5) Night life here tends to close earlier, but there hasn’t been even one night I’ve been bored since moving in. Verdict? St. Louis is nothing like the East. The lifestyle is much slower, people are way nicer, and food is huge. You get the small city feel, without competing for survival like you would in a big East Coast city. If you can go a while without decent pizza or bagels, St. Louis is an awesome and fun place to live.

— Giuseppe D., M1