You may have already guessed as much, but there are not many people who are married in the first year of medical school. However, I have to say most of my class is missing out. It’s a pretty great deal. When exams roll around and I have no time or inclination to make anything to eat besides what I can pull from the deep recesses of my freezer, my husband can step in and provide me with a warm, home-cooked meal or at the very least pick up some takeout. He also lets me know what is going on outside the bubble of medical school, like major current events and celebrity scandals. Most of all, it’s great to have someone who I know will always support me (by law, he has to!) and will give me a confidence boost if I start freaking out about how many muscles there are in the arm and leg and how on earth I am going to learn all of their attachments before the next anatomy exam.

— Frances C., M1