Two students enjoy their first med school party.

Is your undergrad school not featured on the front page of U.S. News & World Report? Did it not have anyone drafted into pro sports this year? Have no fear, many of your classmates will also come from smaller colleges. You’re all set for the med school experience. You are used to forming close relationships with your classmates as you progress through school together. Your med school class may even be larger than your pre-med/ pre-professional bubble from undergrad. You know everyone, and everyone knows you, so tread carefully. (See “On Dating Someone in Your Class.”) WUSM and Barnes-Jewish Hospital are big places with lots of important, world-renowned physicians and scientists. There are thousands of faculty members, but you’ll quickly identify the ones that are closely involved with medical students. They’re very approachable and want to get to know you! If you’re not used to classes with more than 100 students or guest lecturers, the format at any med school might take some getting used to. Be your own advocate, and ask your classmates or second-year students questions when you need help. Then, you’ll be free to kick back and enjoy life as part of a cool new community.

— Andrew L., M1