You can identify Wash U graduates by their confident smiles and sophisticated attire.

One of the best perks of coming from the undergrad program is that you’re already so close. It’s gorgeous, you have friends that are still on that campus, and you probably have a good number of friends who are now working in St. Louis as well. One of the harder transitions that comes with moving across the park to WUSM is trying to balance your relationships with these people. It’s strange going from seeing these undergrad friends daily to now weekly or less. It’s strange that you took the same classes last year, and now your daily lives have almost nothing in common. As with everything in life, the transition from undergrad to medical school is a balancing act. Make time for your undergrad friends, but embrace your new med school class. You’ll need your classmates’ company to get through exam blocks, but don’t be afraid to take a break from the WUSM scene and hang out with other people. Although you won’t be able to see everyone as frequently as before, you can definitely maintain your past friendships, forge new ones, and meet people not affiliated with Wash U. You can have it all! Except for sleep, you’ll never have enough of that.

— William C., M1